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Authorized E-Waste
Recyclers in India

The need for E-waste recycling is increasing as the number of Non- recyclable items sent to material recovery is also growing. These wastes should be removed or recycled by trained staff or machines so that the high-value recyclables don’t get contaminated. Therefore, Greenlink Recyclers bring you the best solutions for E-waste management.

We have provided the finest E-waste management solutions since our establishment. Greenlink Recyclers is also ISO 45001: 2018 & Responsible Recycling Certified Corporation. Greenlink Recyclers is exceptionally proficient and has experience in executing E-waste management services and solutions. We are capable of serving our clients with professional, integrated, comprehensive E-waste management and recycling services.

Our certification

Greenlink Recyclers is certified under CPCB and UPPCB as an authorized E-waste recycler in India. We are also 45001:2018, & Responsible Recycling Certified Corporation. We are proficient in providing reliable E-waste management services. Our rates are relatively lower, and our services are top-notch, which will satisfy your needs.

Environmental Norms
Greenlink Recyclers provides the best E-waste recycling solutions by following all the rules and regulations of the Central Pollution Control Board of India. We provide the best solutions by keeping in mind the fundamental rules and regulations of Environmental laws, and we are committed to Environmental fulfilment.

Why Choose Us


Greenlink Recyclers always there to help you regarding E-waste management. We offer our services 24*7. Our top priority is our customer’s satisfaction.

Top-notch service

Greenlink recycling is comprised of all the trained staff and professionals. Therefore, we always provide the best services to our clients no matter the demand; we always try to provide our best effort.

Standards and certified

Authenticity plays a vital role when choosing any company. Our certification proves our authenticity, so select us anytime and for any solution.

Our vision

We provide advanced E-waste management services. We also contribute to a greener environment. We have applied several business models and techniques to provide the best solution without harming the environment. Greenlink Recyclers is one of the leading companies in India to set up an art e-waste recycling plant. Greenlink Recyclers is a Global E-waste management company. It provides integrated e-waste management services according to organizational needs. Greenlink Recyclers handles every product safely and in a green manner. We visualize maintaining proper e-waste management of your business surrounding to make them productive and vibrant.

Our Mission

The significant factors creating problems in the environment are climate transformation and environmental destruction. To overcome this problem, several national and international initiatives are taking place to combat the harmful components of the domain. Greenlink recycling has identified these issues. Thus, we offer you services at your doorstep. We collect Electronic waste from your home and bring it to our recycling plant. Our team extracts the usable part from the trash, and non-usable parts are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.