Authorized E-Waste
Recycler in India

There are increasing amounts of non-recyclableitems sent to Material Recovery Facilities,and all of them must be removed by hand bytrained staff or mechanically sorted so theydon’t contaminate the high-value recyclables. So most productive recycling enterprise that produce Recycle goods.

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Electronic Item Recycling

recovering recyclable items and components to bring them back into the economy.

Profesional Workers

Professional working team for managing the operations.

Green Recycling

Target of Zero-Waste utilising latest technologies and processes.

Recycling Engineering

Segregating parts / metals / hazardous waste and recycling to their end points.

Electronics & IT

Eco-friendly dismantling recycling of Electronic waste, end to end services from collection, dismantling and recycling.

Lithium Battery

We undertake recycling of lithium batteries of laptops

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