Corporate & Consumer E-Waste

Corporate & Consumer E-Waste

What are Corporate and consumer E-wastes?

Corporate and consumer E-waste management in India is referred to as outdated electronic assets used in the corporate sector. It includes computer equipment, IT assets, laptops, stereos and televisions. These can be refurbished and recycled.

Importance of Corporate and consumer E-waste recycling

This e-waste contains precious metals which are more prosperous than ores found on earth. Thus, e-waste recycling helps in the higher saving of raw materials.

Outdated corporate e-waste contains toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, which are harmful to the environment. Go Green Recycle makes sure that these harmful substances are not released into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Corporate and consumer E-waste recycle

Make employees happy: Every worker wants to work in a company that follows all the environmental norms and works under ethical policies. Thus, it increases workers’ morale.

Improved brand awareness: Showing environmental commitment can improve a company’s reputation. The business will automatically have a positive impact on the environment.

Lower cost: Go Green Recycle provide both cost-effective and reputed recycling program for every business.